• Chad Malkus

Why I Love the TV Show "Home Town"

Like many of you, I love home improvement TV shows. I can have them playing in the background all day, and just enjoy the excitement of "demo days", "big reveals" and finding an amazing subway tile back splash. I should point out that I am terrible at home improvement, but I could watch the shows on HGTV and other such channels 24/7. During the COVID period I stumbled across the show "Home Town". This show features a young couple from a small southern town who cares about their home town so passionately and deeply that they started helping people fix up homes one home at a time.

The skeptic in you may say, "It's all just reality show B.S.". I beg to differ. The stars of the show, Erin & Ben Napier, are completely engaging. They've renovated over 100 homes, some are $20,000 homes and some are $500,000 homes. Much like Chip & Joanna Gaines, they love everyone who they meet, and find homes to suit the single mother with a teenager or the retiree looking to host 12 grandchildren. What shines through in each and every episode is their passion for their hometown of Laurel, Mississippi and their drive to make it better one house at a time.

Laurel is remarkably like Cambridge - in its size, historic feel, gritty beauty, and industrial past. The one thing it does not have that we do, is a grand river and the Chesapeake Bay - a maritime component which immediately escalates any small town. Chalk one up for Groove City.

Erin and Ben graduated Ole Miss and moved back to Laurel and soon found that a vibrant Main Street district was the key to bringing people back home. Many of us have done the very same thing in order to show the world that if you are passionate enough about where you come from, you can make good things happen.

Read up on this article and embrace the change that is coming...

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